Weezer Live at Empire Polo Field, Coachella Festival, CA - 04.30.05

30 septiembre 2007

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01.-Say it ain't so
03.-Undone (the sweater song)
05.-This is such a pity
06.-In the garage
07.-Hold me
08.-Island in the sun
09.-We are all on drugs
10.-Beverly Hills
11.-Hash pipe
12.-Buddy Holly

Death Cab For Cutie Live Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden - 02.04.2006

29 septiembre 2007

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01.-Marching bands of manhattan
02.- The new year
03.- Title and registration
04.- Soul meets body
05.- Summer skin
06.- President of what
07.- Photobooth
08.- Crooked teeth
09.- Different names for the same thing
10.- Sound of settling
11.- I was a kaleidoscope
12.- what sarah said
13.- We looked like giants

Muse Live Reading Festival 26.08.2006

25 septiembre 2007

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1.- Knights Of Cydonia
2.- Hysteria
3.- Supermassive Black Hole
4.- Showbiz
5.- Map Of The Problematique
6.- Forced In + Bliss
7.- Butterflies and Hurricanes
8.- Feeling good
9.- Invincible
10.- Starlight
11.-Plug In Baby
12.- New Born
13.- Time is Running out
14.- Stockholm Syndrome
15.- Take a bow

Foo Fighters Live BBC Radio 1, Brighton, England - 08/17/2007

22 septiembre 2007

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1.-The Pretender
2-.Cheer Up Boys Your Make-Up Is Running
3-.My Hero
4.-Enough Space
5.-Times Like These
6.-Cold Day In The Sun
7.-Keep the Car Running (Arcade Fire Cover)
8.-Come Alive
10.-Monkey Wrench
11.-Best Of You
12.-All My Life

Arctic Monkeys Live at Kultkomplex-Cafe, Koeln, 17-01-2006

18 septiembre 2007

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1.-I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
2.-The View From The Afternoon
3.-Still Take You Home
4.-You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me
5.-Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts
6.-Dancing Shoes
7.-When The Sun Goes Down (Scummy Man)
8.-From The Ritz To The Rubble
9.-Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But...
10.-Mardy Bum
11.-Fake Tales Of San Francisco
12.-A Certain Romance

Travis Live in Baden Germany 2007-05-09

15 septiembre 2007

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1.-Writing to reach you
2.-Selfish Jean
3.-Love will come through
6.-Good Feeling
7.-My Eyes

12.-Why does it always rain on me

Tenacious D Live at American Theater, St. Louis, MO, 07-10-2001

08 septiembre 2007

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Download: Tenacious D Live at American Theater - 2001-10-07

Disc 1:
1.- Intro
2.- Flash
3.- Wonderboy
4.- Land of the Lost
5.- Fat Albert
6.- Warning
7.- Jesus Ranch
8.- Keilbasa Sausage
9.- Keilbasa Sausahe part 2
10.- History of Tenacious D
11.- Cream Dream
12.- Lee
13.- The Road
14.- Tribute
15.- Don't Fear the Reaper
16.- Hot Blooded
17.- Dio
18.- Cosmic Shame
19.- Saxaboom
20.- Inward Singing
21.- Karate
22.- Kyle Quit the Band
23.- Kyle Took A Bullet For Me
24.- Rocket Sauce
25.- Fuck Her Gently
26.- Sasquatch
27.- Blowjob film

Disc 2:
1.- Crowd Noise
2.- Rock Your Sox Off
3.- Spider Man
4.- Double TeamEncore
5.- Stage Banter
6.- Explosivo
7.- Friendship
8.- Beatles Medley

Finch Live Greenfield Festival 17-07-2005

02 septiembre 2007

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1.-Intro/New Beginnings
2.- Worms Of The Earth
3.-Insomniact Meat
4.-Grey Matter
5.-Revelation Song
7.-Without You Here
8.-The Casket Of Roderic Usher
9.-A Piece Of Mind
10.-What It Is To Burn